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Love Letter to the Mosaic Beauty, Radiance, and Humanity of Black Women

Kisha B. Holden, PhD, MSCR and Camara Phyllis Jones, MD, MPH, PhD


Valerie Montgomery Rice, MD


Kisha B. Holden, PhD, MSCR and Camara Phyllis Jones, MD, MPH, PhD


Part One:    Cultural Narratives about Black Womanhood

Jubilation (poem) by Calah Singleton, MSc

Chapter 1-Black Motherhood:  Deeply Rooted 

Malika B. Gooden, DC, MPH and Raquel Brown, JD 

Chapter 2-Dispelling Negative Stereotypes and Images:  Black Girl Magic, Black Girls Rock!

Regina Davis Moss, PhD, MPH 

Chapter 3-The Superwoman (Sojourner) Syndrome and African American/Black Women

Tabia Henry Akintobi, PhD, MPH, Chevelle Glymph Foster, MPH, Bridg’ette Israel, PhD, and Taylor Wimbly, MPH

Chapter 4-The Making of a Black American Quilt:  Discussing the Threads of the Strong Black Woman Image Through Family Narratives & Media Storytelling

Asha S. Winfield, PhD

Commentary-Nothing Can Break You Unless You Give It Permission To!  

Tonyka McKinney, DrPH, MPH

Conversations with Thought Leaders:  Beacons of Light

Annelle B. Primm, MD, MPH (Psychiatry) | Linda Goler Blount, MPH (Health Equity) |Cedrice Davis, MD (Family Medicine)


Part Two:    Toward an Optimal Health Agenda: The Importance of Our Survival  

Face Your Pace (poem) by Adele Browne, MA

Chapter 5-Black Women’s Health Study: An Epidemiologic Snapshot of Black Women’s Health

Lynn Rosenberg, ScD, Yvette C. Cozier, ScD, and Julie R. Palmer, ScD

Chapter 6-U.S. Dietary Guidelines, Obesity, and Health Disparities Among African American Women

Jennifer Rooke, MD, MPH 

Chapter 7-When Resilience Hits Its Ceiling: The Burden of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rhonda Reid, MD, Kristian T. Jones, MD, Chidi Wamuo, MD, and Christopher Villongco, MD

Chapter 8-Black Women and HIV:  From Surviving to Thriving

Rhonda Holliday, PhD, Kimberly Parker, PhD, MPH, MA, and Alyssa Robillard, PhD

Chapter 9-The Nexus of Chronic Stress, Autoimmune Disorders, and Black Women

Lesley Green-Rennis, EdD, MPH, Lisa Grace, EdD, MPH, MA, and Anika Thrower, PhD, MPH

Chapter 10-Mindfulness Matters:  Mental Health Risks and Protective Factors for Black Women

Kisha B. Holden, PhD, MSCR, Sharon Rachel, MA, MPH, Ricardo LaGrange, PhD, MPH, Glenda Wrenn, MD, MSHP, and Cynthia Major Lewis, MD

Chapter 11-Reckoning with Resilience: Black Breastfeeding 

 Kimarie Bugg, DNP, MPH, Ifeyinwa Asiodu, PhD, RN, and Andrea Serano, BA

Chapter 12-The Color Line of Infertility:  Reproductive Disparities in Black Women

Yoann Sophie Antoine, MPH, Blessing Lawrence, MPH, Shubhecchha Dhaurali, Beverly Udegbe, Lauren Cohen, Paige Feyock, Mildred Watson-Baylor, PhD, LPC, and Ndidiamaka N. Amutah-Onukagha, PhD, MPH

Commentary-Abortion as a Reproductive Justice Issue for Black Families and Communities

Joia Crear-Perry, MD, Nia Mitchell, MPH, Donna Brazile, and Rachel Villanueva, MD

Fact Sheet-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Maternal Health | Hear Her Campaign 

Fact Sheet-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cancer | Bring Your Brave Campaign 

Conversations with Thought Leaders:  Beacons of Light

Henrie Treadwell, PhD (Public Health) | Helene Gayle, MD, MPH (Medicine) | Gail Wyatt, PhD (Women’s Health)


Part Three:    Journey to Wellness and Community Healing

Corona Reflections (poem) by Tamia A. McEwen, PhD

Chapter 13-On the Frontlines:  Stressors of Black Women Caring for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Shenique Thomas Davis, PhD, Vivian C. Smith, PhD and Bahiyyah M. Muhammad, PhD

Chapter 14-Resilience, Recovery, and Resistance:  Black Women Overcoming Intersectional Complex Trauma

Brenda K. Ingram, EdD, LCSW and Amorie Robinson, PhD

Chapter 15-“I Feel Some Type of Way”:  Experiences of Relationship Violence, Resilience, and Resistance among Urban Black Girls

LeConte Dill, DrPH, MPH, Bianca Rivera, MPH, Shavaun Sutton, MPH, and Elizabeth Ige, MSW

Chapter 16-Womanist Theological Bioethics:  A Healing and Culturally Responsive Approach to Death and Dying in Black Communities

Nicole Taylor Morris, MTS  

Chapter 17-Blissful Balance:  Spirituality, Healing, and Restoration

Imani Ma’at, EdD and Cheryl Taylor, PhD, RN 

Commentary-Organized Resistance is Necessary 

Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH

Conversations with Thought Leaders:  Beacons of Light

Jennifer Kelly, PhD (Clinical Psychology) | Jemea Dorsey, MA (Black Women’s Wellness) | Addie Briggs, MD (Pediatrics)


Part Four:     Advocacy and Activism for Social Justice

Sandra Bland (poem) by Imani Ma’at, EdD

Chapter 18-#SayHerName:  Honoring Black Women Victims of Violence

Maisha Standifer, PhD and Sydney Love, BA

Chapter 19-Black Women, Public Health, and Resilience:  Political Power

Brian McGregor, PhD and Anana Harris Parris

Chapter 20-Standing on the Shoulders of Those Before Us

Allyson Belton, MPH, Ashley Kennedy Mitchell, DrPH, MSPH, and Katrina M. Brantley, DrPH, MPH

Chapter 21-Multimedia:  Changing the Narrative

Crystal R. Emery, MA and Carmen Clarkin, MPH

Chapter 22-Anti-Racism Primer:  Naming Racism and Moving to Action

Camara Phyllis Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, Clara Yvonne Jones, MD, MPH, and Camille Arnel Jones, MD, MPH

Dialogue of Significance-Sankofa: Looking Back to Move Forward 

Camara Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, Byllye Avery, MEd, Linda Rae Murray, MD, MPH, and Kisha Holden, PhD, MSCR

Conversations with Thought Leaders:  Beacons of Light

Melissa Harris-Perry, PhD (Political Science) | Christine Beatty, MSW (Social Work) | Sandra Harris-Hooker, PhD (Academic Medicine)

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